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Hello everyone! And thank you for visiting my blog. From today onwards, we will be having a newly added segment that’s meant to serve you and your family’s diet to the road of achieving a healthy lifestyle. This segment will provide fresh and interesting recipes that can be part of your healthy eating plan, which is ‘Healthy Snack Recipes‘.

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The Health Benefits of Walnut – What’s Good in Eating Walnuts?

walnutNuts generally have a lot of health and medicinal benefits, in spite of some claims to say that nuts may result to poor skin condition and such. It’s true, some people may be allergic to nuts but that is an entirely different case and it should not downgrade the goodness of eating nuts. But remember all foods have their own recommended intake proportion and nuts should be eaten with much consideration since a little is enough to provide you with all the necessary nutrition.

One type of nuts that will be discussed this time in this article is Walnuts. There are numerous species of walnuts but most that we found in markets are the Persian walnuts which have large size nuts with thin shells. There are also the English walnuts which are grown mainly in California. Walnuts are used worldwide and it is not only used in cooking and baking alone. It is also used for medicinal purposes, art and paintings and in certain culture; it is used as offerings in prayers, for example, in India.

Benefits and Nutritional Values of Walnut

Walnuts are a rich source of omega-3. It also contain alpha linoleic acid which is also an essential fatty acid, a great source of antioxidant, traces of manganese and copper minerals, iron, zinc, fiber and also Vitamin B. A handful of walnuts is about 170 calories but you don’t really need that much a day. It is said that by eating only 4 pieces of walnuts is enough to increase protective Omega-3 level in a person’s body. So, what’s good about eating walnuts? On researches basis, walnuts have been proven to be able to promote many positive health condition such as:-

  • Protecting the arteries from high fat meals
  • Maintaining heart health
  • Maintaining bone health
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Improves brain cells’ functionality.
  • Antioxidant protects the skin from free radicals in the body
  • Helps prevent gallstones

The Chinese use walnuts as part of their traditional Chinese medicine. They see it as a type of herb that especially helps in cleanse the kidney, strengthen the knees and backbone, helps in constipation (due to its high fiber value), and it is also believed to be able to relieve a person from mild asthma, but not for acute asthma problems.

How to use walnut in casual cooking

The nut kernels of all species of walnuts are edible and can be found in many forms such as whole walnut, powder and also in oil form. Walnuts are rich in oil and are used widely in cooking. However, walnut oil is not used extensively because it is much more expensive and is used sparingly as salad dressing. You can also chunk in some fresh walnuts in your own homemade salad. Just crush a few and toss it together with other vegetables. Other than that, you can use it as toppings of your favorite desserts. A handful of walnut is a good snack to begin with. You can also learn to make walnut pasta sauce, stir fry mixed vegetables with walnut, and walnut low-fat cookies. It’s a good way to bring the goodness of walnuts for the whole family to benefit from it.

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